Wild Hop & Drop Slot Review

Wild Hop & Drop Slot Review

September 3, 2022 Sports Match

Wild Hop & Drop Slot Review

Developed by Pragmatic Play, Wild Hop & Drop is a gorgeously designed slot game. It has cartoonish graphics, a frog theme, and generous jackpots that fit well with its high volatility.

There are a total of 20 winning lines on the six spinning reels you are using to play. A 5,000x top jackpot is on the line inside the Wild Hop & Drop slot machine, which can pay out fairly generously. 96.46% is the RTP. The major features include wilds and scatters, but the main one is a set of free spins with massive roaming wilds.

Gambling and Rewards

The reels will spin and all lines will be active with a $0.20 wager. You may invest up to $100 per spin for a better return.

The Wild Hop & Drop top jackpot of 5,000x is respectable but unimpressive. When using the maximum stake, that might imply $500,000 in cash for the player.

The highest RTP among the three options available to operators is 96.46%.

Features of the Wild Hop & Drop Slot

With the 6×6 grid, you can create winning symbol clusters that can total up to 26+ symbols when they are grouped (touching one another horizontally or vertically).

The wild symbol, which is typically used as a substitute, will be a prominent feature symbol. It can even pay directly because it can land in larger sizes, ranging from 2×2 to 6×6, but only if it fills all positions (6×6 version).

The free spins will be started by the Firefly scatter, and they can be started whenever there are four or more of them. Initially, you are given 6 free spins and one regular-sized wild symbol on the reels. The wild moves to a new location after each round.

Concept & Design

Although it is an uncommon subject for a slot machine, it is nonetheless a wise pick. Most of the symbols on this slot machine, which has a frog theme, are represented by these adorable jumping critters. One of them includes the wild and the three highest-paying frogs, which come in shades of green, pink, and blue. From position J to position A, there are four Royals. The Firefly, which serves as a bonus trigger, is the only unrelated symbol.


The Wild Hop & Drop slot demo has a great selection of bonus features, but I also enjoyed it for other reasons, including the aesthetics and potential payouts. Overall, if you enjoy playing progressive jackpot slots and are ready to sacrifice some of the RTP for that aspect of it, this is a good alternative. The Wild Hop & Drop slot boasts a good selection of excellent designs, and it has the potential to pay big. Overall, this new slot machine is quite good. I enjoy the slot machine; it has excellent graphics, and also has some interesting bonus features. If you can locate it with the RTP set to the maximum, it is definitely worth playing and gives about 5,000 times the jackpot.