Super Random Flashback Slot Review

Super Random Flashback Slot Review

May 9, 2022 Sports Match

Super Random Flashback Slot Review

If you want to recreate the feel of a land-based casino but do it all online, you should look into the Greentube collection. They migrated a number of popular land-based machines, which are now available in online casinos. Super Random Flashback, an accessible slot machine that will look like a land-based machine, is one game with a traditional vibe.

Super Random Flashback offers up to 6 reels and 20 active lines to offer. The payouts aren’t spectacular, with just 200x the stake paid out per spin, but this is a low to medium volatility slot, so it makes sense in the end. The RTP is satisfactory (95.49%), but you can certainly perform better. Wilds, Mystery Wins, and a Star bonus are among the many features you’ll find.

Prizes and Betting

The stakes for Super Random Flashback start at $0.10 and can go as high as $160 per spin.

A Super Bet option will be available, with the potential to quadruple your winnings. However, playing the game costs extra money.

Super Random Flashback isn’t going to change your life, and the rewards aren’t really amazing. When the slot has low-medium volatility, a 200x payoff doesn’t seem so bad; in fact, it’s a common win.

The RTP of Super Random Flashback is 95.49 percent, which is below average. It may seem good at a brick-and-mortar casino, but online slots perform better.

Features of the Super Random Flashback Slot

The manner this slot machine allows you to select the number of active reels as well as the number of lines that will be employed may appear peculiar. Combinations of three symbols on as many reels as possible must be adjacent.

You can play with three reels and five lines, four reels with ten lines, five reels with fifteen lines, six reels with twenty lines, or all six reels with the Super Bet active. When making three-symbol combos, you can use reels 1-3, 2-4, 3-5, and 4-6.

The substitute is easy to detect because to the WILD emblem on it, and it will show up and assist whenever possible. It must be on the correct line, with sufficient matching symbols adjacent to it, in order to function as a replacement.

Because the Star is an overlay symbol, it appears on top of other symbols. If this happens three times on an active set of three adjacent reels, you’ll win 40 times your investment.

When you employ the Seven symbols to build a combination on one of the active lines, a Mystery Win (paying between 4x and 40x) will be achievable.

Design & Theme

The subject and design of Super Random Flashback will be as ordinary as they come, despite the fact that it includes a total of 6 reels for you to play on. It’s not the best-looking game online, by a long shot, with classic fruits and a retro design that reminds us of images from decades ago.

Plums, oranges, lemons, bells, grapes, strawberries, melons, Sevens, Wilds, and Star overlays are among the symbols you’ll encounter.


If you want to recreate the experience of a Las Vegas casino online, Super Random Flashback is a good choice. When you compare its numbers to those from modern slots, the latter typically wins.