Sunderland vs Blackpool Match Review

Sunderland vs Blackpool Match Review

October 3, 2022 Sports Review

Sunderland vs Blackpool Match Review

Sunderland is doing well in the last some games. They have a chance to win another game in the league. The betting review has consisted of the latest performance, head-to-head, squads, odds, tips, predictions, statistics, and much more data for you. After getting all information, you will be able to make predictions. I will try to compare all major points of predictions. Do not forget to take some risks in the match.

Latest performance

Sunderland played six games and won 2 times. The same side succeeded to draw 2 games also. On the other hand, Blackpool also took part in six games and won one game. They failed in 4 back to back games. However, the same side succeeded to draw a game also.

Results in the last six games

Sunderland : W,W,L,L,D,D

Blackpool : W,L,L,L,L,D

Blackpool is still struggling in the series. They need to do well in this game.


I have checked all the updates. No one has declared its final lineup. Here is more detail for you.

Head to Head

Both sides faced each other in August 2022. Sunderland won the game by 3-2. It will create additional pressure on the other side. The match was played for 2 months.


According to predictions, Sunderland picked 40% chances to win. Whereas, Blackpool also gained 31% chances to carry the day. The remaining 27% chances will go to a draw game.

Red and yellow cards

These couple of teams conceded only yellow cards. However, no one faced any red card in this league

Goals in the English Football League

In the English Football League, Sunderland played 5 games and won 1 time. They failed in one game and three matches did not take any side. The whole side scored 6 goals and conceded 4 also. Ross scored 5 goals for the team.

On the other side, Blackpool also took part in six games and won 2 times. They failed in three games and succeeded to draw 2 also. All the plate succeeded to do 6 goals and conceded 10 also. Theo was the best player to score 3 goals.

Betting Odds

Sunderland picked a 10/11 betting price versus 3/1 for Blackpool. Whereas, 13/5 numbers will go to the drawn match. You can take any decision on the behalf of these results.


According to statistics, Blackpool failed in all last three back-to-back games. They need to do well in this match.

Betting Tips

If we see betting tips of Sunderland and Blackpool, then Blackpool is a better side. They can win or draw this upcoming game.

Final Words

I tried to explain all the major points of latets games. If you still have any issues with data, then you can compare more information. Let’s see what is going to happen in this game. Sunderland is a better side due to having a positive record in all the formats of football. In the end, I am in the favor of Sunderland. They also defeated the same side in head to head game.