Multi-Wild Player Slot Review

Multi-Wild Player Slot Review

September 1, 2022 Sports Match

Multi-Wild Player Slot Review

Multi Wild Player is one of several demo slots offered by Stakelogic that all have vintage visuals modeled from earlier physical machines. These may not have great designs, but their fascinating gameplay makes up for it in a way.

The slot machine only uses sets of three reels at a time, and there are five paylines on each of the 8 total reels (30 lines total if all 6 sets are active). Although the game doesn’t have a very large jackpot, you can still win up to $5,000 from the Mystery Jackpot or 1,000 times your initial wager from ordinary combos. The wilds are a feature that is available only with the Super Stake option.

Betting and Prizes

Normally, you can gamble anywhere between $0.20 and $300 every spin, but with the Super Stake option is enabled, you can wager up to $600.

When all 30 lines contribute with the finest potential symbols, you can get paid a maximum of 1,000 times when each combination pays up to 33.33 times the stake. The Mystery Jackpot, which will only pay up to $5,000, is an option.

Unfortunately, this game has a low RTP of 95%, which is actually in line with what you may anticipate from an older slot machine.

Features of the Multi-Wild Player Slot

The slot machine has up to 8 reels, which are used in sets of three. 5 lines are present on each set of three reels. Reels 1-3, 2-4, 3-5, 4-6, 5-7, or 6-8 may be used. This allows for up to 30 active lines.

If you choose the Super Stake option, wilds can also appear on reels 2 through 7  (Middle 6 reels). When they arrive, they can take the place of any combinations that can be made on their lines.

The Star sign, which is utilized as an overlay and lands over bells or fruit symbols, is another one that can pay some extra money.

To create a special combination that awards a Star prize, three symbols must have stars on them.

Theme & Design

It will have a rather plain appearance and all the symbols that are commonly found in games with this kind of theme. The design is poor quality and appears to have been created with visuals from a few decades ago. Symbols with pictures of lemons, plums, oranges, bells, watermelons, bar logos, grapes, sevens, and the star can be seen on the reels.


I’ll admit that the Multi Wild Player demo slot is intriguing, but even though it has a few positive features, its RTP is just 95%, which means that the odds are not the best. Overall, I enjoy the slot machine; it is a genuine stakelogic product, has nice graphics, and has some interesting bonus features. If you can locate it with the RTP set to the highest setting, it is definitely worth playing (95 percent) and gives about 1,000 times the jackpot per game. This slot is excellent for low game stakers.