Magic Spins™ Slot Review

Magic Spins™ Slot Review

April 22, 2022 Sports Match

Magic Spins™ Slot Review

Wazdan’s Magic SpinsTM will be published shortly, and it will be a slot machine with at least one unique feature called Hold the Jackpot. It’s also mentioned that you can Collect to InfinityTM, so you’ll be able to take use of its presence for a long time if your luck holds. Wazdan’s usage of a way to set your own amount of volatility is one of the game’s strengths, as it usually been.

You’ll notice right away that Magic SpinsTM has a unique setup, with 29 distinct reels that pay out when 10 or more matching symbols appear anywhere on the screen. It’s simple easy to comprehend, and you’ll find that you can win up to 2,500 times your bet (while RTP is 96.17 percent ). The Hold the Jackpot bonus with up to 10 re-spins, mystery symbols, and wilds are among the interesting features to mention.

Prizes and Betting

A wager that could cause the slot’s reels to spin can be as low as $0.10, making this a very low-cost alternative. Of course, bigger stakes are feasible, possibly up to $10,000, based on the current odds.

One of the five fixed jackpots that Magic SpinsTM can offer appears to be particularly appealing. It’s known as the Grand Jackpot, and it’s worth 2,500 times the bet in the round. Magic (500x), Major (150x), Minor (50x), and Mini (50x) are the other four jackpots (20x). Regular winnings are worth up to 150 times the stake (for 22 or more Red symbols).

Given that the 96.17 percent RTP is high enough to be deemed above average, the long-term prospects appear to be about as good as projected.

Wazdan’s slots do not have a fixed amount of volatility because the player can choose his preferred level of risk.

Features of the Magic SpinsTM Slot Machine

Magic SpinsTM uses an innovative mechanism in which each of the 29 reels (24 standard and 5 huge) spins independently, giving you one symbol each. You will be compensated by their combinations if there are 10 or more matching symbols anywhere on the reels, among those 29 spots. The best payouts come from rounds with 22 or more matching symbols, especially if they’re the higher-valued ones.

The slot’s Wild symbol will be a multi-colored Crystal. This symbol will take the place of any other that attempts to construct a combination, either to improve it or to make it feasible in the first place. It is not a substitute for bonus symbols.

There are also Bonus symbols that can appear there, and in order to activate the bonus game, you must have them in 6 or more locations. The feature is called Hold the Jackpot. Certain bonus symbols, which increase your chances of reaching the bonus game, can stay stuck on the reels for up to 10 re-spins.

During Hold the Jackpot, you are given a similar game area and must strive to land further bonus symbols on the reels. You begin with three re-spins, which are reset when new symbols appear.

Regular cash symbols (in the 24 smaller reels), unique icons for the huge corner reels, and jackpot icons for the central giant reel are among the symbols offered. If the proper symbols appear, you can win one of many smaller fixed jackpots.

As the rounds pass, increasing Cash Value spots will gain more value, and a countdown will show you how long it will be before they cease receiving those increases.

There are also mystery symbols, which will randomly convert into a bonus sign of a different type.

The Collector and Mega Collector symbols, in particular, are intriguing since they have a countdown that can reach ten. They amass winnings from various monetary symbols.

Once you’ve used up all of your respins, you’ll have to collect all of the prizes from the reels. If you get symbols in all 29 slots, you’ll win the Grand Jackpot, which is worth 2,500 times your bet.

Design & Theme

It’s an interesting design that you notice right away. There are 24 smaller symbols arranged in six clusters, as well as four enormous symbols in the corners and one mega-sized sign in the center. These are occupied by either blue Royals of dubious attractiveness, as well as a variety of magical orbs of various hues (pink, green, red). There are also bonus symbols and wild crystals.


Magic SpinsTM may not appear to be a traditional slot machine, but it eventually becomes one. Unique gameplay, reasonable top awards, and a respectable RTP are just a few of the things that I enjoyed about it.