Good Luck Clusterbuster Slot Review

Good Luck Clusterbuster Slot Review

December 5, 2022 Sports Match

Good Luck Clusterbuster Slot Review

Red tiger software producer also has another slot, the Good Luck Clusterbuster, with the clusterbuster mechanic trademark. Before it, there was Dragon Clusterbuster which some people argue is borrowed from Thor’s Lightning. However, there are notable differences that a keen player will identify easily after reading this review.

Good Luck Clusterbuster is a slot with free spins with wandering wild multipliers, lucky wind blow, and leprechaun wilds. The developer of this slot used Irish/ Celtic ideas to develop it and infused a blocky graphical style to create their leprechaun. Unlike in similar slots, Good Luck Clusterbuster gave the leprechaun an individual character and a unique soundtrack that’s different from the rest.

The grid on this slot entails nine reels with nine symbols and a unique 3×3-sized block in the middle for the base game. The grid is on a sacred-looking area surrounded by a small circle of rocks with a pile of greenery around it.

Even though Good Luck Clusterbuster is one of the leprechauns, it’s different from the others because of its winning potential, which is high. The RTP of this slot is 95.73%, and it’s highly volatile. Players can access this slot on any device, like phones, and bet with 10 p/c to 4 euros per spin. Note that whenever a slot has a low betting limit, it’s an indication of a high potential win.

Good Luck Clusterbuster is a cluster pays that awards a player after landing five or more matching symbols connected horizontally or vertically. If the winning cluster land, they are removed from the grid and replaced by symbols falling from above. After the positions fill and a new cluster is created, the clusters will be removed and replaced again.

The low pay symbols are green, yellow, red, and purple mushrooms worth 0.1x the bet. The high pay symbols are the pipes, beer mugs, golden clovers, and horseshoes worth 0.2 to 1x the bet. However, the 20+ of a kind winning cluster at the top edge pays 2x the bet for the mushroom or 3 to 25x the bet for the high pay symbols.

Quick Info

Title: Good Luck Clusterbuster

Developer: Red Tiger

Reels: 9

Rows: 9

Paylines: Cluster Pays

Hit Freq: 5/5

RTP: 95.73%

Max Win: 19,995X

Volatility: High (5/5)

Min/Max Bet: 0.10/4

Release Date: December 15, 2022


The features of this slot are chain reactions, clusterbuster, lucky wind blow, free spins, and leprechaun wilds. Let’s look at each of them below.

Leprechaun Wilds

Good Luck Clusterbuster has four leprechaun wilds on four different positions on the grid. The wilds can substitute all the pay symbols. They are not removed whenever they’re part of a winning cluster.


This slot has nine inactive valueless tiles on the 3×3 pot of gold block in the middle of the grid. The adjacent tiles are removed if a winning cluster is near the pot of gold.

Free Spins

If a player manages to bust all the outer tiles of the inner 3×3 pot of gold, they get five free spins. However, the pot of gold gets replaced with free spins and is returned after the end of the round. The leprechaun wilds can also move a position higher, lower left, or right after a cluster win occurs during this feature.

Furthermore, the leprechaun wilds come with win multipliers which increase by +1 after appearing in a cluster win. The multipliers will be multiplied by all the wins the wild is part of. However, if only one wild is part of the win, it will multiply the winning total in turns. When the round ends, the multipliers reset. The lucky wind blow can trigger and bring the wilds closer to each other during free spins.


Good Luck Clusterbuster is the right slot for any player who likes a teasing slot. During the base game, the main aim of the players should be to crack the outer tiles of the central pot of gold which is fun and promising. Eight outer tiles get destroyed in the process, sparing only one 3×3 greyed-out pot of gold.

The four static leprechaun wilds indicate that the hits occur regularly while the clusters from the chain reaction feature also repeat severally. This increases the possibility of hitting the free spins despite not being a regular occurrence. Such makes the players frustrated and pressured, which is also fun.

However, after a long wait, the free spins round comes in to save the players back. Almost a ¼ of the wilds with individual progressive multipliers wander, which brings good luck. This is topped with the high winning potential of 19,995.7x the bet, which beats the competitor slots like Thor’s Lightning and the Dragons Clusterbuster. Things will improve after earning the bonus round, which some players wish to be the only round in this slot.

So, the Good Luck Clusterbuster is the right slot for the patient players who are willing to undergo the tedious base game all through to the bonus round. It will enable them to earn a good payout at the end of the game.