Gigantoonz Slot Review

Gigantoonz Slot Review

January 4, 2022 Sports Match

Gigantoonz Slot Review

Gigantoonz will come with 8×8 reels and a Cluster Pays system. Given the high instability, a 4,000x top jackpot isn’t that good, however this is a slot that can have a 96.25% RTP (maximum value but lower ones are also possible). Cascading reels, Quantum Wilds, unique meters to fill up, mega images, and modifiers, the list of features is just about as interesting as in each and every round of this kind.

Betting and Prizes

With bets starting from as low as $0.20, it will be an accessible slot machine. Assuming that you have a higher budget available to you, spending up to $100 is likewise a chance.

A top prize of 4,000x the stake is possible toward the end of the round, which is too low for an exceptionally unstable slot.

The maximum RTP is 96.25%, so that is the one you should  focus on. Four lower settings are likewise accessible, so a lot of casinos will go with one of those.

Gigantoonz Slot Features

You get a total of 64 images, in a game region with 8×8 reels. Your clusters of images should be formed with adjacent positions, touching horizontally or vertically. 6+ images will get you paid but you could get bigger clusters (30+) too, for better rewards.

The cascading reels system is regular for this kind of slot machine, so it’s anything but a surprise to see it used. The cascades will trigger after you form a winning cluster and will assist by bringing new images on the reels, replacing the ones that previously got you paid. You can get numerous cascades, consistently, as there are no limits there.

The Quantum Wild is an image that can assist you, and obviously, its job will be to replace others. Up to 10 wilds can be put on the reels, randomly, but after spins where you didn’t form a cluster on your own.

You will see that mega images will sometimes show up. They take over somewhere in the range of 2×2 to 7×7 positions. They can consider up to 13 images, so the game doesn’t look at the number of positions that are involved. Whenever they’re taken out through the cascading reels, a wild image will stay in their place.

Mega images can drop down in available spots but they don’t fit in generally, and all things considered, the positions found underneath will get regular-sized images of the same sort.

As you form your clusters and you trigger cascading reels, you will see that the winning images are gathered in a Quantumeter. As you progress and you top off this meter, there are a few modifiers that can trigger.

25 charges bring you Disintegration, where 4 kinds of images are taken out from the game region.

50 charges will trigger Metamorphosis, where one kind of image is transformed into another.

75 charges get you Radiation, and this amounts to 5 Quantum Wilds and up to 4 mega images.

100 charges are needed to fill the meter and trigger Gigantoonz. The slot will change mega images into Gigantoonz of a similar size, and you likewise get 3+ extra mega Gigantoonz, in addition to up to 4 standard ones. Following the initial development of wins, you get the huge Gigantoonz to divide into regular ones, later which they can leave the game region.

Theme and Design

Gigantoonz doesn’t change a lot, on the off chance that you compare it and the first slots of the series, basically not when it comes to theme and design. It is the same team of adorable aliens on its reels, a total of 10 images showing you forms with 1 or 2 eyes for each color utilized. Mega and regular-sized images are used, so the reels won’t get boring.


Gigantoonz is a good slot machine to play but that made the whole series famous in any case. I like its features, however the top bonanza is at a much lower level than I would want to see.