Coritiba vs Santos Betting Review

Coritiba vs Santos Betting Review

July 18, 2022 Sports Review

Coritiba vs Santos Betting Review

I have checked these teams’ latest results and found no difference in performance. The betting review has consisted of the newest version, head-to-head, squads, predictions, goals in Brazilian Series A, and the final verdict. After reading this content, you will be able to make predictions. Here is the brief story of the teams.

Latest performance

Coritiba played six games and won 1 time. They failed in 4 matches, and 1 game did not take any side.

On the next side, Santos also participated in six games and won 1 match. The same side failed in 3 games, and 2 games did not create any result.

We have only one game difference between the two teams. Coritiba failed in more games.

Head to Head

Both teams faced each other in April 2022. The final result was 2-1 in favor of Santos. Santos would like to win this game also. They won its last 4 months. Injuries can change the result of this game. It showed a positive impact on the team.


According to the predictions of teams, Coritiba picked 36% chances to win. Whereas Santos also gained 36% chances to win. The remaining 25% numbers went into the drawn game.

Coritiba has more chances to win the game.

Goals in Brazilian Series A

In the Brazilian Series A, Coritibia has played 8 games and won 4 times. They failed in a couple of fun, and 2 matches did not leave any result.

The entire side scored 13 goals and conceded 9 also. Leo was the best scorer with 6 goals. It is a vital difference in the performance.

On the other hand, Santos also played 8 games in the Brazilian Series A. they won one game and failed in three games. The remaining 3 games did not leave any result. All the players tried their best to score 6 goals and conceded 8. Marcos scored 6 goals.

Here are the results of teams in their last six games.

Results in the last six games

Coritiba : W,D,L,L,L,L

Santos : D,D,L,L,W,L

We have seen that there is no difference in the winning results. However, Coritibia failed in more games compared to Santos. So, you can choose Santos as the best team.

Red and Yellow cards

Henrie from Coritibia faced 6 yellow cards and one red card. Whereas Rodrigo from Santos also met 8 yellow cards and one red card.

If a player faces more red cards in a match, he may ban in the next game also. So, Coritiba has to remain cool and calm.


All the data in the above detail helps make predictions and bet tips. If you do not have any experience, you must stay away from predictions. In betting, you have to take risks always. We made these predictions on behalf of past games and results. The final result of the game may change from the expectations. In the end, we are in favor of the Corotibia team.